SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN d.o.o., OIB: 35476240760, Draškovićeva ulica 45, 10000 Zagreb, is the head of the loyalty club called FAVBET LOYALTY CLUB (in the following text: loyalty club).

Any physical person of legal age who expresses their consent and agrees to membership in the loyalty club can become a loyalty club member.

It is considered that the user has given consent to membership by filling out and submitting a written application form in one of the loyalty club head’s slot halls.

Loyalty club members are obliged to familiarize themselves with the Rules and other documents to which the Rules refer.

The valid Rules are available in electronic form on the website.

SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN d.o.o. reserves the right to change the Rules at any time. All amendments to the Rules will be published on the webpage.

By signing the application form and/or using the loyalty club card, a physical person becomes a member of the loyalty club and agrees to the Rules. Loyalty club members can only be physical persons of legal age.

A person who wants to become a member of the loyalty club is obliged to clearly fill out a written application form.
By filling out the application form, the applicant applies for membership in the loyalty club and accepts the Rules and other documents referred to in the Rules.

Loyalty Club membership is free and voluntary.

By issuing a loyalty club card, SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN d.o.o. accepts the member’s access to the loyalty club.

The loyalty club card serves as proof of loyalty club membership and cannot be transferred to other persons.

The loyalty club member is obliged to report the theft or loss of the loyalty club card without delay.
Loyalty club member is responsible for any damage that may result from the unauthorized use of the loyalty club card.

The loyalty club card cannot be used as a method of payment.

The loyalty club card is marked with a 12-digit number that is linked to the data from the application form/consent.

The personal data that the applicant makes available when joining the loyalty club are: date of birth and, optionally, email and phone number for marketing communication.

Personal data are kept in the head’s IT system with adequate measures taken for their protection and are deleted as soon as the member cancels their membership in accordance with these Rules or their membership is terminated in any other way, and in any case upon the termination of the loyalty club, in accordance with the head’s decision.

SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN d.o.o. cares about the protection of the personal data of loyalty club members, and, for this purpose, has adopted the Personal Data Protection Policy, which explains how SVJET ZABAVE JEDAN d.o.o. collects, uses, and manages personal data.

A member can cancel their membership by written notice, without explanation, to the address of the head of the loyalty club, as well as by exclusion from the loyalty club in one of the slot halls.

SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN d.o.o., as the head of the loyalty club, can also cancel the membership of an individual member, by written notice, without explanation, and the membership ends in any case with the termination of the implementation of the loyalty club in accordance with the head’s decision.

SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN d.o.o. has the right to terminate the loyalty club at any time.

SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN d.o.o. may close the loyalty club account at its own discretion if it suspects unauthorized use and misuse of the services.


Members of Favbet loyalty club can enjoy various benefits, such as gifts, promotional tickets, and the opportunity to participate in additional promotional campaigns.

Play and earn points on your loyalty card. For every 10,00 EUR (75,35 HRK) played on slot machines or 20,00 EUR (150,69 HRK) on electronic roulette, 1 point is earned on your loyalty card.

Earned points can be exchanged for valuable prizes.