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1. Personal data that website collects

By using the website, different types of data are collected from you in order to provide better quality services, i.e. (a) data collected from you, (b) data collected about your use of services, and (c) data collected from third parties.

Trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC collects data about your use of the website, i.e. how and for what the same websites are used. Such data are needed in order to ensure adequate and high-quality operation of the website and to be able to provide you with quality services, to act in accordance with our legal obligations and in accordance with our legitimate interest in providing and continuously improving services that we provide.

Furthermore, the trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC may collect information about your geo-location. Such data may become available during your search and use of the website based on the IP address or GPS data of your device. Such data are used to improve our services and to ensure the quality of the services we provide you. Trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC points out that your devices have the option of turning off or limiting the provision of data about your location, and which options you can freely use and limit the amount of personal data you send. Regarding this, it is recommended that you inform yourself about the privacy rules of mobile and other applications that you use on your devices.

Our individual services available via web forms on the website allow you to subscribe to notifications from the traiding company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC. Regarding these services of ours, it is possible that we will ask you for certain information about you, so that you can use such services and, on the other hand, so that the traiding company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC could act on your request. In such a situation, your personal data is necessary, because without them the traiding company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC cannot act on your request, and therefore you will be shown a form confirming that you are familiar with the privacy rules, and which form must be marked as affirmative. For example, in such situation, you may be asked for your e-mail address, name, surname, mobile phone number, etc.

In addition, if, when using the web forms on the website, you place queries, requests and claims on the wrong web locations, the trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC may use the personal data you provide to identify and contact you in order to act on your inquiry, request, claims, etc.

Trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC takes special care of the security of your personal data that you provide us by using the website

This is precisely why the smallest possible amount of personal data is collected and it is used exclusively for the purposes for which it was collected and about which you have been informed.

In the same way, your data is not shared with third parties without you being informed about it and without your consent.

Trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC always strives to process and store your data only as long as necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or as required by a contract or applicable law.

By accessing and using this website, you agree to use the described tools and the highlighted terms of use of this website.

2. The purposes of collecting personal data and persons to whom the data is available

Your data is collected and processed for the following purposes:

  • for your use of services;
  • for providing services and fulfill your requests;
  • for the purpose of improving our business and developing the services provided to you;
  • for the assessment and analysis of activities on this website, our market, users, products and services;
  • for the purpose of communication with you;
  • to analyze how people (including you) use our services and content, in order to improve them and develop new products and services that are more adapted to the wishes of users;
  • for other purposes with your consent.

Information about you will not be published publicly. We take special care about who we give your information to and will not disclose it to third parties for their own independent marketing or business purposes without your consent. In the case of data transfer, we will take all measures to protect it and, if possible, necessary and reasonable, we will pseudonymize it or otherwise make them difficult for linking it to you, and in exceptional situations we will try to completely anonymize your data, in the situation where we assess that there is a risk for preserving your rights.

Disclosure of your data is possible to entities that have a direct business relationship with the trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC and which are an integral part of the business of the trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC. Furthermore, it is possible to share your data with reliable and secure business partners, whose services and products are an integral part of the services provided by the trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC.

An example of such business partners are the partners with whom the trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC has concluded contracts for the purpose of fulfilling the obligations of program maintenance, accounting services, etc. We repeat, your safety is always our first priority. We may also disclose your information to business partners who provide services on our behalf, such as companies that assist us with billing. These entities are limited in their ability to use your data for purposes beyond providing a service to us.

If this is required by law or by a decision of an administrative or judicial authority, data may be disclosed to competent authorities and other parties:

  • to comply with the law or to respond to mandatory legal process (such as a search warrant or other court order);
  • to verify or achieve compliance with the rules governing our services;
  • in order to protect the rights, property or safety of users, clients and the trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC

In certain situations, the trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC may transfer your data outside the Republic of Croatia for further processing to affiliated companies and contractual partners. Please note that the data protection laws and other laws of the countries to which your data may be transferred to may not be as comprehensive as those in your country. Such processing is performed exclusively for the needs of the trading company SVJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC and we always try to take all reasonable measures, so that all unauthorized third parties are completely deprived of access to such processing and processing results.

3. Security measures and risks of using the Internet

For transfers that go beyond the legitimate interests of the trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC and which by their nature do not fall under regular transfers, and which are not necessary in order for the trading company SVJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC to ensure security and a high level of service provision, your consent will be requested.

Trading company SVIET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC uses and regularly improves its system of collecting and processing personal data, all in order to ensure compliance with legal regulations and, of course, your safety. Thereby, reasonable physical and technical data protection measures are used and efforts are made to follow the technical achievements and guidelines of the authorities responsible for personal data, both at the level of the Republic of Croatia and at the level of the EU.

However, the trading company SVJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC must point out that due to the rapid development of technology, every user of the Internet system must be aware that no system is absolutely safe and that it is not objectively possible to predict in advance all the risks that may arise from using the Internet. Trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC in particular, cannot affect the shortcomings of services provided by third parties, which are necessary for the existence of this website. Illegal attacks on this website and on the trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC are always possible, and trading company SVJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC reasonably tries to reduce all risks that may arise.

In any case, the trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC will persist in its efforts to make its personal data protection system as secure as possible.

4. Final provisions

If, despite the content of this statement on privacy and personal data protection, certain things are still not clear for you, or if you believe that certain details have not been sufficiently explained, feel free to contact our Personal Data Protection Officer with your reasonable questions.

He will, in accordance with objective possibilities, try to answer all reasonable inquiries and, in cooperation with our technical services, always try to provide you with all reasonably available information in order to ensure that you are informed.

According to the applicable laws, we are obliged to inform you that you have the right to submit an objection regarding processing of your personal data to the trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC, as well as to the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency (AZOP). At your request, trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC will provide you with information on how personal data are processed. If personal data are incorrect, they will be corrected upon your request. In that case, as well as in other cases provided by the applicable regulations, you can ask for the limitation of processing. Likewise, under certain conditions, you have the right to request the transfer of your data to another data controller.

Our Personal Data Pocessing Officer will examine all your inquiries and, if possible, he will try to answer them within 30 days, provided that your request is legally justified.

The dynamics of the response depends on the nature of your inquiry and, in general, on the amount and nature of other possible inquiries.

Contact e-mail of the Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO) of the trading company SVIJET ZABAVE JEDAN LLC is:



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